Forthcoming Articles

Regional effect of energy reform in Mexico: a model of Regional Computable General Equilibrium
Aída Beatriz Armenta Ramírez, Diane Flaherty, William Arch Gibson and Jorge Salazar Carrillo

Big Data, Google and Unemployment 
Raymundo M. Campos Vázquez and Sergio López

Econometric assessment for the retropolation until 1980 to the Mexican quarterly state economic activity indicator
Francisco Corona and Jesús López

Impacts of overlapping public programs to promote innovative activities in Argentine firms 
Eva Catela, Francis C. Petterini and Nestor Bercovich

Nowcasting Mexico's quarterly GDP using factor models and bridge equations
Oscar de Jesús Gálvez Soriano

Wage and occupational polarization in Mexico: 2005-2017
Gonzalo García Ramírez and Gabriela García Ramírez

Exposure to Globalization and Regional Convergence in Mexico
Vicente German Soto, Reyna E. Rodríguez Pérez and Alexandra G. Gallegos Morales

Temporal evolution of the technological impact of Mexican patents: An application of the expectation-maximization algorithm
Aurora A. Ramírez Álvarez and Diana Terrazas-Santamaría