Instructions for Authors

  1. Estudios Económicos will consider for possible publication articles written in Spanish or English, provided they contain unpublished work and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere. In case the work is accepted for publication in English, the authors will be solely responsible for the style of the final document.
  2. The journal accepts submissions of full-length articles and shorter notes. The journal does not currently publish book reviews.
  3. Normally, the revision process will not take more than 16 weeks after the manuscript is received.
  4. Before submission, the authors should ensure that the manuscript does not breach the Code of Ethics of the journal, in particular the Ethical Obligations of Authors.
  5. Papers must be written double-spaced either in Word, Times New Roman 12 (equations in Math Type) or in PcTex format.
  6. The first page of the manuscript should contain the following information.
    1. The title of the article (in both Spanish and English), the names of the authors, the institutional affiliations of the authors, and complete postal and electronic addresses.
    2. An abstract of the article in both English and Spanish of at most 100 words each.
    3. At least three Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) subject codes. Please click here for more information.
    4. Up to five keywords.
    5. If the manuscript is accepted for publication all acknowledgments including sources of research funding and the disclosure of other financial support received should be inserted into a footnote on the title page of the article.
  7. Equations must be formatted using either Math Type or PcTex and should be numbered consecutively using an arabic number enclosed in parenthesis, flush right.
  8. Footnotes must appear at the bottom of each page.
  9. The first time that an acronym or abbreviation is used in the text, it should be spelled out.
  10. Any words that are to appear in italics should be underlined.
  11. All tables must be reproducible, they should not be images, and numbered consecutively.
  12. All graphics should be in png format and must not be images. Graphics should be black and white with text formatting 22-point Times Roman.
  13. Citations must appear as follows: Arrow (1971) or (see Malinvaud, 1981: 1365).
  14. At the end of the text the references should appear in alphabetical order as: 
    • Arrow, K.J. 1971. Essays in the Theory of Risk Bearing, Chicago, Markham.
    • Malinvaud, E. 1981. Econometrics faced with the needs of macroeconomic policy, Econometrica, 49: 1363-1376.
    • Phelps, E.S. 1983. The trouble with 'rational expectations' and the problem of inflation stabilization, in R. Frydman and E.S. Phelps (eds.), Individual Forecasting and Aggregate Outcomes, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.
  15. Articles submitted to Estudios Económicos can be written in English or Spanish. In the case of articles  accepted for publication in English, the authors are solely responsible for proof-reading the final document.
  16. Authors of submissions that have been accepted for publication will after typesetting receive proofs to check for errors. The Editor and the Managing Editor reserve the right to make grammatical changes to an accepted manuscript before publication.