Ethical obligations of authors

  1. Manuscripts submitted to Estudios Económicos should be original and must not have been published in the same or different language or be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  2. Authors must fully comply with the style and formatting requirements of the journal contained in the Instructions for Authors
  3. Authors must ensure that all relevant and related work is fully referenced. Any evidence of plagiarism (including self-plagiarism) will result in the automatic rejection of the manuscript. Estudios Económicos reserves the right to use professional specialist anti-plagiarism software to help in the detection of plagiarism. All cases of plagiarism are reviewed by the Editorial Board of the journal. The imposition and severity of sanctions for offenders are the responsibility of the Editorial Board of the journal.
  4. Authors must never engage in fraudulent behavior. This includes both the fabrication and falsification of data to obtain particular results.
  5. All co-authors share joint responsibility for the submission and the research content of the manuscript.
  6. Any change to the authorship (i.e., the addition or deletion of author names) of a submitted manuscript requires the approval of the Editor before the final decision on publication is made.
  7. If a significant error or mistake is discovered by the authors, the Editor must be notified immediately, even if the paper has already been published.
  8. Authors must acknowledge all sources of research funding and disclose any other financial support received. Such information should be inserted into a footnote on the title page of the manuscript.
  9. For manuscripts that are accepted for publication, the authors must transfer the copyright of the article to the publisher of the journal to enable the publication and distribution of the article in both print and electronic formats. The authors retain the moral rights of the article and the right to distribute the article free of charge for academic or scientific purposes.
  10. Permission for the republication of articles (including translations) originally published in Estudios Económicos must be obtained in writing from the Editor.